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Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park


Dawn is a Wellness Coach of the Mind, Body and Soul, Certified Intuitive Strategist, International Breath Coach, Master Integrated Energy Therapy Practioner and Reiki Master. She has discovered that breathing correctly, and shifting fragmented parts of herself is the key to vibrant energetic health. Dawn is the owner and founder of Breathing Simply. She intuitively supports people in healing emotions and trauma with breath and energy work by bringing awareness to the way they breathe. Dawn also works with aspects, egoic parts of your personality called personas. These personas can block one from trusting their inner guidance and also from breathing fully in the body.

Dawn believes that Breath is life. The way you breathe is the way you live. A healthy breath is essential for a healthy life. A full breath creates a full life. Most people are using less then 30% of their respiratory system. So, they take in only a small part of their possible life force. The breath makes the miracle and mystery of living possible. Oxygen is the most important nutrient and source of energy for our cells. It is the key ingredient in cellular regeneration. although our breathing pattern is unconsciously controlled by our subconscious mind, we can consciously change our breathing pattern quite easily. So, the breath is an excellent tool to intentionally activate, clear and integrate the incoherent energy patterns in our subconscious mind.

  • Intuitive and Healing work for over 20 years
  • Master Teacher Integrated Energy Therapy Practioner
  • International Breath Coach
  • Reiki Master
Dawn at Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park