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Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park

Lydia Ellen

Lydia Ellen is facilitator of Raindrop Technique, MPS Therapy, Scar Release and a Wellness Coach.

Spiritual by nature, Lydia Ellen fully embraces the meaning of her name, making it her mission to live out the meaning noble bright light shield. She leads a very artistic and intuitive lifestyle. Her greatest passion is loving each and every individual where they are at and embracing their Authentic Self.

Lydia Ellen brings a gentle, nurturing light to Olla Terve, that creates a sacred environment for all to feel welcome and safe. She uses Essential Oils and a combination of healing modalities (MPS & Scar Release Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, VitaFlex, Healing Touch) to assist each client in achieving well-being in all aspects of their life. Lydia Ellen acknowledges that every path is unique to the individual and uses her wisdom to help people stay true to themselves.

Lydia Ellen is driven to live a real and raw, adventurous, and art filled life. She travels, rock climbs, and does yoga. She craves nature, and regularly spends time outdoors. When inspiration hits, she paints, does henna art, photography, and creates jewelry. Lydia Ellen shares her love of culture, people, family and friends, and a joy filled life with every individual she meets.

Lydia at Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park