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Improving Your Overall Health & Well Being

Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park


Are you ready for your Wellness Journey to Freedom?

Are you at the edge of your limits and out of personal resources for your life and health challenges?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and in pain?!

Are you ready to move from the situation you’re in and write the next chapter in your life’s story?

I’m here to assist you on your personal journey to harmony and wellness.

I’ll guide you through a process whereby you can become empowered to make your own decisions needed to achieve your personal freedom.

As you shift your perspective, you’ll find your inner peace and realize that you’re serving a greater Purpose.

Your journey will include weekly healing sessions where I’ll use several Grade A, Young Living essential oils with a combination of coaching techniques and healing modalities including Vitaflex Technique, Raindrop Technique and Energy Balancing.

Additional Modalities: Muscle Testing, Emotion Code, Chakra Balancing, Energizing Meridians, Harmonizing the Senses, Aromatic Balance Technique, and/or Emotional Clearing.

Debbie at Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park

Client Testimonial:

"I've been participating in intense weekly sessions with Debbie focusing on emotional release and balance, Raindrop Technique, spa sessions, and body typing. I've learned many ways to manage my stress and past traumas using the education provided me. Debbie has been truly inspirational and instrumental in helping me navigate through my health journey. She cares deeply about the "whole" person and how to be our best selves. I owe Debbie a great deal of gratitude!"
Patty Meola