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Olla Terve Healing Studio in Woodland Park

Project Gratitude

Healing HeARTS embracing all of Humanity

We support: Local Artists, Fair Trade, Indigenous Tribes, and World-Wide Outreach

Our global outreach is designed to PROject Gratitude: Our mission is to fund, facilitate, and support causes on every continent. We’ll achieve this through the healing arts and embracing all of humanity.

Our goal is to support culture and spread awareness.

  • Healing heARTS speak through gratitude.
  • Gratitude is an emotion, and appreciation for all that is, followed by paying kindness and compassion forward.
  • As our hands are the extension of our hearts, we use our hands to bring healing to BOTH humanity and mother Earth.
  • Project Gratitude supports local communities and tribes around the world by purchasing products and donating profits.
  • We work with our volunteers to make and sell products locally at Olla Terve Sacred Studio of Healing Arts.
  • These products, along with the products purchased from tribes internationally, facilitate local and global outreach.
  • Proceeds go towards non-profits world-wide, hands-on causes, and the groups we endorse.

So far, we’re supporting people in the USA, Thailand, Tibet, Africa, Belize, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Nepal and Panama.

Thank-you for your support as we reach out to our world!

Project Gratitude at Olla Terve, Woodland Park