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What People Say About Sacred Sound Bath

This was the most vivid journey I have taken in a very long time. Linda’s voice led me into the Redwood Forest – the Sound so sweet. My heart is full of peace - I can spread my Love.
- Sandy, Guffy, Colorado

An amazing experience! So much love, knowledge and sharing. I left feeling completely restored.
- Kimi, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The most relaxing experience possible. It allows one to release all unwanted "stuff" and allows all "Love" to enter ones mind and come out renewed and refilled with hope, compassion and new life.
- Anonymous , Colorado

The steps Linda takes to lead to meditation from journal to oils and the guided meditation combined with bowls is an experience I will never forget. Every sound bath I went to is a different experience. I treasure every moment.
- Cyndia, Woodland Park, Colorado

This was my first experience with a sacred bowl ceremony. It was very relaxing and left me with a deep sense of calm. It was great to be able to be silent with no pressure to speak or entertain. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing a "re-set".
- Amber, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wonderful bowls today. So peaceful and helpful. Linda has a gift and loves to share it.
- Deb, Woodland Park, Colorado

The sacred sound bath is such a spiritual awakening. Linda does a fantastic job in guiding one through this journey.
- Anonymous , Colorado